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Welcome to our Addil Restaurant

Best place for family & friends with green & healthy food.

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Welcome to our Addil Restaurant

Best place for family & friends with green & healthy food.

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Famous for good food

About Addil

Since August 2011, one restaurant has been the best source for authentic Indian flavours, colourful dishes and world-class service: Addil Indian & Kebab Restaurant. Now with four locations in Raymond Terrace, Rutherford, Thornton and Singleton, we provide our delicious food to every corner of the Australia.

Whether you’re eating out with the family or grabbing food to take back to your co-workers, you won’t be disappointed.

Our delicious food at your home

When you're here you're family.

02 4966 5181

Best place for family and friends

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Meet our Manager

Mohammad Belal Uddin

Contact : 0449 792 427

Email : belaluddin@addil.com.au


“With the growing competitive business world, I have obtained a challenging leadership position applying creative problem solving and fine management skills with a growing company to achieve optimum utilization of its resources and maximum profits. I brought a unique skill assessment to entire staff level with creative and out-of-the-box thinking combined with solid goal-oriented planning. The experiences gained from my academic study and work environment allow me to secure maximum outputs with minimum efforts & resources which is basically concerned with thinking & utilizing human, material & financial resources in such a manner that would result in best combination. This combination results in reduction of various costs.

I think my businessactivities are characterized by; Strong leadershipqualities, efficient analytical skills, planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. Dedication and sincerity, ensuring high quality service, monitoring the safety and security, abiding the compliance, making decisions, preparing training manual etc.”

For any events, functions, catering and private parties please contact with me through email or phone.

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It’s all about good food.We provide awesome food for our customer.